SIRIUS Model-Driven Software Product Line for Flight Dynamics Systems

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The SIRIUS product line defines the next generation of Flight Dynamics Systems for the upcoming CNES missions such as SWOT, MICROCARB and MERLIN.

A feedback study on a decade of FDS development and operations by CNES drove to the conclusion that the next generation of FDS software should be implemented with increased reusability and modularity.

A model-driven approach based on DSLs (Domains Specific Languages) has been identified by CNES as a natural candidate to implement this business capitalization and provide a new way of designing FDS software.

This paper presents the rationale behind the customized model-driven strategy specifically implemented for the SIRIUS product line. Then, it defines the family of software the SIRIUS product line is dedicated to, what kind of problems it can solve, the overall model-driven development process and the various managed artifacts (models, requirements, code...).

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